There are many parts of the world where English is spoken, yet the 17th century English of the Puritans until the Victorian English of the 19th century is not as easily understood by many of those who would benefit tremendously from the anointed works of the Puritan and post-Puritan ministers; men such as Mr. Spurgeon. Even in America today, one may run across several Christians that can quote a line or two from Mr. Spurgeon, yet because the language of yester-year is quite removed from our contemporary minds, so very few have really read his works. Perhaps this volume will stimulate an interest among those who were previously not as familiar with Mr. Spurgeon’s writings and sermons, that they, too, might grow in grace from the passion of a man who also grew in grace by the glorious truth of Christ, and Him crucified.

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Publication Date:  May 19 2009
ISBN/EAN13:  1449517943 / 9781449517946

A Puritan Family Devotional, in the five available Bible versions, contains A Puritan Catechism, composed and edited by Charles Spurgeon in 1855, and making it available for the congregation in his care. A Puritan Family Devotional is made available in its near-original vocabulary in the King James Version and the American Standard Version; it has been updated in modern English in the  English Standard Version, New American Standard Bible, and the New King James Version.

A Puritan Family Devotional also includes Robert Murray McCheyne’s Daily Bread Bible Reading Plan, the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith, and selected hymns and psalms to be used as tools for spiritual growth in personal and family devotions.

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